It appears that the group Anonymous is not going to let up on anyone who supports Bill C30.

The Ontario Provincial Police web site was reportedly hacked by Anonymous who then posted the private email addresses and passwords of Administrators and Top Ontario cops.

In a tit for tat move meant to embarass Ontario Cops and to warn the public officials that support Bill C30 that they could be next - Anonymous also wants them to know how it feels to have your personal information exposed.

While turning the tables on them may feel good, Open Media is concerned that the tactics will overshadow the message...

I am still split on how I feel about Anonymous tactics - on one hand I do wonder how the cops and the government  feel having the tables turned on them and yet - I never much cared for bullies.

In this case, the government and the police services are who are being bullied.

With these tactics of theirs, Anonymous can make a point - but will it be the right one?

Open Media has been working for the freedom of the internet for quite some time now and has a fantastic web site filled with all of the news on Bill C30, Vic Toews and his bumblings among a host of other vital information on the Giant Telecoms, cell phone & internet fees and more.

Supporting them makes good sense for all Canadians in my humble opinion.

Anonymous? Well one thing can be said for sure - vigilantes are never appreciated by government or police services and Canadians appear split over how they feel about their tactics.

So my questions for the day:

How do YOU feel about the message that Anonymous has for the police and elected public officials who support Bill C30.

How do YOU feel about the tactics Anonymous is using?

In other news:

Cops in Manitoba have snared what they call the national president of a gang

In the US, Steve Ruis, the Hells Angel member suspected of killing a fellow member during the funeral for another member, surrendered to police

Also in the US, a retired stockbroker visits1,191 Iowa communities by motorcycle.

An article on riding from Bangalore India, proves yet again, riders are riders, no matter where you live...

There are many other items in the news that may be of interest to you, visit to check it out.

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I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails...I hope they bring a giggle to your Monday Morning!

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  1. Bernie C11:53 AM

    Unfettered access to personal information of citizens will just lead to more and more reduction of our privacy and it won't stop there.
    What happens to this info when they are done with it, does it end up in a data base for every politician and their monkeys to access it?
    Get a warrant, they have to justify the request to a judge.