If I ever have to move web site servers again I need to make sure I get a supply of valium, a REALLY LARGE ONE, that will allow me to get through it without wanting to strangle something or someone.

I can not believe the challenges of moving to a dedicated server - one tiny itty bitty piece of code is bombing our entire server and OMG am I frustrated.

I know that it will get resolved but in the meantime I am feeling a level of frustration that I have never before in my life felt.

So, other than meditating which I do daily, what suggestions do you have for me regarding dealing with this stress?

I'd love to tell you about the news today, but until our web site is functioning, there is nothing I can point you to.

I will tell you the the Winnipeg Police have gone to World of Wheels and removed a bike belonging to the president of the Winnipeg Chapter of the Hells Angels and that he is in custody and I can tell you that there are two Ontario Riders who have gone down in crashes..

Until our site is fixed, that's the best I can do...I will update you all later today when our web mistress, who is working huge hours and is doing her best to fix the scripting error that is causing us this nightmare has it resolved.

Stay tuned, the web site move saga continues!


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