Out of New Zealand today is an article about the lack of motorcyclists in that country. According to the article, there was a study done in the EU regarding travel times where in it was discovered that if 10% of the driving population rode motorcycles, the wait times in traffic would be reduced by 40%.

Traffic congestion is a problem in many large cities and regions and New Zealand is concerned that only 3% of drivers between 15 and 24 hold a motorcycle license. This age group accounts for 15% of all drivers in New Zealand.

Begin Quote: Ian Stronach, MTA Marketing and Communications General Manager says "Though there are some differences in the transport situations between Europe and New Zealand, it is entirely possible that an increase in the use of motorcycles of the level mentioned in this study could see significant reductions in traffic congestion locally. It's only logical that more people using physically smaller and more nimble forms of transport would lead to less congestion, fewer emissions and faster travel times." End Quote

Mr Stronach goes on to say:

Begin Quote: Stronach says: "The bulk of those licensed to ride motorcycles on our roads is a carry-over from the heyday of motorcycling, 20 and 30 years ago. If the trend continues, it will not be feasible for New Zealand to even contemplate motorcycles as an aid to reducing congestion; as older riders 'retire' from riding, there simply aren't enough new license holders coming through to replace them.

"With active encouragement, effective training regimes and friendlier road design, motorcycling could take its place as an effective part of our overall transport system." End Quote

I truly find it amazing that a study needed to be done to figure out that smaller vehicles reduce congestion, and I also find it hard to believe that young people are not riding motorcycles in New Zealand...what are your thoughts?  There have been many reports done about the fact that younger people are not embracing motorcycles like we old timers.

What could we as a community do to encourage more young people to ride?  What do you think is the biggest barrier to young people riding?

I would love your opinions and take on this subject.

In other news:

1% era are are making news on two fronts today, one report out of Sweden says that a local leader for the Outlaws was found murdered just hours after his trial was to get under way.
The other is out of Germany, where a World War II bunker was being used by the Hells Angels for a marijuana grow op.

Out of Daytona comes a story about women, cabbage and a competition.

Speed signs that can catch you speeding? They a reality in Scotland!

And those poor beggars in Nigeria are protesting their motorcycles being confiscated...

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I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends either through emails or on Facebook...giggling is a great way to start your day!

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