Imagine living in a country like Nigeria where they have banned motorcycles.That's right, motorcycles are banned in the Nigerian county of Yobe right now because of the acts of a few. The violence that has taken place in that county, largely by people who ride motorcycles has caused the government there to ban their use.  In a county where the farmers and poor rely on motorcycles as their only transportation, the Nigerian government has had to get creative in getting farmers out their fields in order to ensure a good agricultural season.

Can you imagine living in a place where motorcycles are BANNED?

Then in the UK...imagine you are riding along, hot dogging' it a bit because you have spring fever and a Hyabusa pulls up along side you....the police officer pulls you over and then shows you a video, with your average speed and either decides to teach you or charge you...
That's what is happening in Britain right now...Yes the police in Humberside have an unmarked Suzuki Hyabusa equipped with video and speed equipment and they can and will catch you and teach or charge you - all at the officer's discretion.

Now... imagine... living in a place like Lake Weir where if you don't love motorcycles and other outdoor recreations involving quads, boats and other  "BIG" toys, perhaps this isn't the place for you to buy!

Begin Quote: Lake Weir Living® is for a generation raised on rock and roll. The parents of boomers enjoy a slower lifestyle, engulfed in an HOA restricted golf community. The Generation Dylan boomers (GDs) are opposite. GDs like the fast lane for their hot rods and Harley-Davidsons (AARP). They made motorcycles mainstream. GD 'toys' range from motorcycles, jet-skis, boats and hot-rods to RVs. They typically have two or more toys, they don't care for 'anti-toy' restrictions found in many communities, and the rules that prohibit custom home designs are a big turn-off. They certainly don't like paying "HOA fees to the man," says Jack McCann (Lake Weir Living resident since 2010). End Quote

Lake Weir sounds like my kind of retirement place....what do you think?

In other news:

The old Rossmeyer dealership in Daytona is all set to become a museum

With the capture of L'animal in Panama, there is now a renewed push on to find another wanted Canadian Fugative - Hell's Angels Member - David MacDonald Carroll

What do you get when you bring Arlen Ness, Rick Fairless and Dave Perewitz together at Daytona Bike Week for All State Insurance? Three custom bike unveilings....and one giveaway bike...

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I leave you today with a few funnies, shared with me by my wonderfully crazy friends on Facebook and through emails...

Have a fabulous day everyone and remember to IMAGINE!

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