We got news yesterday that a rider from Kelowna BC was killed when a driver of an SUV was on his cell phone and rear ended the bike he was riding.  The rider's wife is in the hospital.

Selfish - self involved people think that what they are doing, what they need, what they want, is more important than anything else or anyone else in the world.

Selfish - self involved people never consider the consequences of their actions.

Selfish people - self involved never pay the true price of their actions, those are generally paid by someone else. They may pay a price, but it is never the right price.

All across Canada there are laws banning the use of a cell phone in your vehicle while driving. And yet, people are not getting the message, but then how can they?

Take this example...

In Ontario an Ottawa police officer was charged with stunting on his motorcycle when he was caught riding at over 200 KMP...

In BC, we are awaiting the verdict in the trial of RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson - you know the man who drank at a party, drove home with his kids in the car and hit a motorcyclist, left the scene without offering aide to the rider he hit, the rider died. Obstruction charges are all he faces....what is more selfish and self involved than that?
Which is worse, his actions or that of the justice system?

And how many other cases are there of police officers who break the laws they are meant to uphold...

And take this example - the Ornge Air Ambulance scandal in Ontario, where in government bureaucrats have bilked the system for millions and appear to have lost one of their pricy Orange County Chopper bikes in the process.

Example after example of selfish, self involved people in high places, places of authority and trust doing exactly what they please for their own gain and their own purposes.

I am heartsick this about you?

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Belt Drive Betty
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