There is an article out of Australia regarding a police officer who has quit the force and has taken a position with a law firm that assists "Bikies". Apparently, there are many Australian police officers who have done the same.

This officer, Nick Crawford, was one of the officers involved in the first application to the government of Australia to see the Gold Coast Finks be charged as a criminal organization.

I wonder what it is that makes a co take such a drastic turn in his career? According to the article, Mr. Crawford is not the first police officer to do this in Australia.

I find this rather curious - is it just about money? Or is there some moral conviction that sees this officer switch teams?

Here in Canada, we are finally going to see some reform of the RCMP. No, don't laugh, according to the article from RCMP Watch - Who is holding them Accountable Blog, we are going to see major reforms to the RCMP's culture.  The article likens the conduct of the RCMP and their moving "bad apple" cops around to different detachments to be similar to that of the Roman Catholic Church and their habit of sending "misbehaving priests" to other diocese.  Hmmm, well I for one hope that this turns out to be a step in the right direction and not just more political rhetoric!

Speaking of "rotten apple cops"  have you had a bad experience with the police in your area of Canada?  If so, we are collecting information on police harassment, profiling and abuse.

Our goal is to collect enough evidence of what really happens to bikers to challenge the Charter and see riders become recognized as a visible minority...check out the form and keep it in your memory banks should you ever need it.

The news feeds are full today and sadly much of the news is not good - more deaths and injuries of Canadian riders being reported...

Check out the feeds at where our work is keeping YOU informed.

I will probably not make the Horse Thief Hide Out event this weekend - it's been a rough few days around here and I have to get the book keeping done before I can, if I get done in time - I'll be there - if not - have fun!

I leave you with some funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails...

Have a fabulous hump day!

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