This is an update from the family:

Dennis Gudmundson has been missing since Saturday night.  
Last seen in Ft. Saskatchewan.  He has not contacted concerned family members and he was on his way down to Keremeos, B.C. on his 2003 Harley Roadglide Anniversary Special, blue-grey colour with a sheep skin on the seat. Alberta License plate # PG 564
Last heard from early morning on Sunday, July 8. His bank card was used to buy fuel in McBride - The search has been contained to McBride, Valemount, Blue River area. Search and Rescue has been around the area today and will be going out tomorrow (July11) with a Heli. Please contact RCMP in McBride or Keremeos if you have any information.  Thanks again, Emilie   

PLEASE - if you can, as you are riding along, watch the ditches and if you see anything - call the police ASAP.  

In other news, I attended Horse Thief Hide Out on the weekend. What a BLAST!

This event has sure grown up since I last attended it. So has the quality of the music!  
My favourite band of the night was Boogie Patrol from Edmonton. 

This band's roots are in the Blues, but, Funk, R & B and Boogie Woogie round out their repertoire.

The lead singer - Rott'n Dan sings like a black man and dances like a white guy - seriously, if you watch this wiry, high energy man on stage you find it very hard to absorb that this great big voice comes from this diminutive man.  

His voice reminds you of smoky speakeasies, big cigars and brandy...

The guitar picking, back beats, keyboard and drum work are so tight - these guys are so on that all your body wants to do is move - you just can not help yourself! 

You KNOW these guys live, breath and eat the music they play - their passion and love for what they do shows in every song that they hammer out.

One of my favourite songs on their new album  (I Try and I Try and I Don't Know What To Do... The Plan Was Set Some Time Ago, and We Must Follow Through) - the Blues Album of the Year, is "Bathe with Your Woman" friend Dirty Girl has a video series called Dirty Girl's Tub Talk and the minute I heard this song I thought of her and how this song should be her theme song!

I can not say enough good things about this band, from their energy to their music and lyrics this band EXCITES ME!!!!

So what words can I use to explain this band's talent and showmanship?

Soulful, electrifying, incredible - NO -  PHENOMENAL,  captivating, sizzling, energizing, exciting....

If you love the harmonica - then this IS THE BAND you want to listen to.  

If you love Blues - this is the Blues Band of the Year!!!! 

If you appreciate really good music, music that gives the soul wings - then this is THE BAND you have to check out!

Their name is Boogie Patrol - and I personally guarantee you that your body and soul will love them if you enjoy the blues!

There are many articles of interest in the news feeds today. Many of them may affect your life as a rider so check them out at where our work is keeping you informed!

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Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Posted across my networks doll. Hope they find him soon :)