An interesting article from Surrey Now brings up the topic of multiculturalism and rules and how ridiculous it is that we have one set of rules for one ethnicity and different rules for another.

The editor of the Now paper - Beau Simpson likens Canadians as a family of step siblings and expresses how wrong it is to treat two children who live in the same home differently and that all that comes out of that different treatment is resentment and bitterness.

He tackles the issue of Asians who ride and their wearing of Turbans while the province of BC is ticketing the average motorcyclist for wearing a beanie.

One rule, one law FOR ALL - I happen to agree with him, others may not.

The reason DOT helmets are mandated (as the minimum requirement for helmets - there are other acceptable designations like those of Snell and the EU) is the fact that we have a public healthcare system.  So my question is, why does one's religious rights over step the rights of the regular taxpayer?
According to our Charter - your rights end when they infringe on mine.

If you, for whatever reason be it religious, medical etc can't wear a helmet and it is law - then don't ride. Riding is a privilege not a right.  I used to have an exemption to ride my motorcycle without a helmet but today's technology allows for me to wear a DOT beanie and with the right bike - one with a fairing, my neck challenges are no longer serious enough for me to ride without.

I never used my exemption for two reasons - I wanted to ride, not be stopped every-time I rode without one and I just didn't feel right about it.

Having said that, the other issue then becomes noise - where does the guy with the chipped up diesel truck or the booming import car have the right to make excessive noise and not be held accountable, but motorcyclists are?

Should it not be one rule for ALL?

If the issue really is public safety and public health care then why should religion play a role in that? No where does our charter say you have to right to ride or drive for that matter.

If the issue really is about noise then why aren't all vehicles commercial and non commercial held to a similar level and enforced the exact same way?

That's my thought for the day - I would love your opinions!

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Have a great Thursday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider.

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