I am awarding the idiot of the week award to Wayne Aucoin, 43, of Edmonton for texting while RIDING.

People and their conduct never cease to amaze me.  Riders have the nerve to "bitch and whine" about cagers, about texting and driving and then we have one of our own being the ultimate in stupid.  I am so angry I could spit nails and build a house!

The next idiot of the week belongs to our supposed Justice System.  
Why? How about a $260 fine for a failing to stop ticket given to a man whose actions lead to a rider having his leg amputated.

And then there is the Queen's Cowboys - the RCMP - can one get any more disgusted by the behaviour of some of these people? Sadly YES would be the answer...

An officer in Bridgewater NS is on charges for sexual assault and more...

And the commanding officer in Digby NS has to earn an idiot of the week award for investigating a complaint made by a 76 year old citizen against none other than the commanding officer in question!  
Un Freaking Believable!  Staff-Sgt. Phil Barrett is the commanding officer in Digby and is now under investigation for his conduct on 2 counts.

And how about all of the lovely sexual assault complaints made by some 200 female officers...the Superiors of the Mounties are making statements like this fine one: “The RCMP has a responsibility to protect itself against unproven and harmful allegations, and those to whom the RCMP is ultimately accountable expect nothing less,” she said. “If, after investigation, there are cases found to have merit, the RCMP will give them the appropriate consideration.”

I have also got two personal idiots of the week awards to deliver to members of the Queen's Cowboys.  

On my way from Golden to Drumheller last week, I called in a dangerous driver - a semi operator from Orbit Trucking who could not keep his wheels on HIS SIDE of the road. 
I called in and made the complaint at the visitors centre in Field and got a call about a half hour later that the officer did not go after the driver but would instead call the trucking company.  Seriously? The man can't stay in his own lane - is gonna kill someone with the way he is driving and you can't be bothered to go and find him? 
What is the point of calling it in?

And the other is a result of a 911 call I made when I witnessed a Pontiac Grande Am slam into the ditch at the Albright Community Hall just west of Beaverlodge on Saturday night.   
I called in, gave the officer in the call centre the information; plate number of the vehicle, location etc.  I left the scene when the parent's of the young girl who had crashed her car had arrived.  I got a call 15 minutes later from an officer in the Beaverlodge Detachment stating he didn't know where the hall was and couldn't find the car.  
Seriously?  WIth all of the technology available inside a squad car and in the 911 call centre LIKE A MAP - you are going to tell me that you couldn't find the hall?  
It's like 4 KMs outside of Beaverlodge and you serve in that detachment...

You attempt to do the right thing, be a good citizen, attempt to make a difference and this is the kind of response you get from the RCMP - it is more than un nerving.

So - tell me, who in your world deserves an Idiot of the Week Award?

I'd LOVE to hear from you!

There's a ton of news in the feeds today that may affect your day, your life as a rider - visit where our work is keeping YOU informed - to check it out!

I leave you with a couple of funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails...laughter - I need some real laughter cause the jokes I have been experiencing aren't so funny!

Have a fabulous Tuesday and PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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