As a rider, you have days that are great, good and not so good. The weekends are the same - some are filled with friends, sunshine, riding and joy and others are so so.

Well - although I have not been on the bike much the last few weeks in an attempt to get caught up around here - I none the less had an incredible weekend - no riding involved!

How can that be? Well just because I wasn't riding doesn't mean I wasn't surrounded by riders and all things motorcycles!

I was blessed to be granted an exclusive interview with Christopher "Filthy Phil" Reed from the hit TV Series Sons of Anarchy.

When I say blessed I truly mean it. It is the first time I have ever done a video interview with a TV star.
It was the first real interview by video where in I took an active part - I was actually on camera instead of behind it and I have my new assistant, Stephanie to thank for that. She has been volunteering some time with me and seeing what courses she will need to take in order to work with me full time next year!

So, how did this interview come about and why do I feel blessed?

Last week our local Toys for Tots group announced that there was a fundraiser being held for them by Reverb Productions and Ink Spot Tattoo here in Grande Prairie.

I was given a poster for our paper and talked to Earl from Reverb about the opportunity to interview "Filthy Phil"!

The interview was granted and I was excited and nervous.  What would Christopher Douglas Reed be like as a person - not an actor? Did I really have what it takes to interview someone on camera without looking like a star struck idiot?

Stephanie and I arrived at the D Armoury at 8PM, Earl was just on his way to go pick up the VIP guest of the evening from his hotel room.

When he arrived he was hustled into a private room so that he could catch his breath and have a couple moments before he was to meet everyone.

When he came out of the small room, it was incredible - he walked straight to Stephanie and I , spoke to her first and them to me - he had NO CLUE who we were or why we were here other than for the meet 'n' greet!  It was one of those moments in time that are so special.

After he got through being mobbed by people, he went up to the front of the hall to the table where he's be signing autographs and taking photos with the riders and fans who came out to meet him.

What an amazing young man. At only 28, this gent has already mastered the art of graciousness.

He took the time to ask every person their name, to sign every photo differently - personalizing each one. He took photos with everyone and was so real,  so genuine I knew this interview would turn out more than OK.

During his break from signing autographs, Christopher, Steph and I headed to the small, poorly lit room that would be our semi quiet place for this interview.
Christopher with his sponsors - the guys from Reverb and James Denny - the guy pointing (Happy 50th James)

Heidi's Autograph
Steph with Christopher

At first I was still really nervous, but Christopher was such a genuinely nice man that in no time at all, I felt like we were friends having a conversation.  When I asked him about the small plane that comes from Edmonton to Grande Prairie and he expressed how scary it was - I giggled and from there on in, interviewing seemed as natural to me as breathing!

The only time I stumbled was trying to spit out the name of the Saskatchewan Lone Wolves - a riding club that I belong to as an honorary member.  A few months back they got to meet and ride with Kim Coates who plays Tig on SOA.

Here is the interview - uncut - I hope you enjoy getting to know Christopher Douglas Reed and his character "Filthy Phil" as much as I did...

Some of the things I learned about Christopher off camera:

This was his first trip outside of the US - he's only ever been to LA, Las Vegas and a place in Iowa (he didn't share the location).

He loves to act and really loves theatre.

His birthday is in September - I promised I would NOT share the date.

He is loyal - somewhat out of fear...he refused to share what's going to happen on SOA this season. (many in the audience asked him that question) His answer was for fear of being sued and beaten up - I will not share what's going to happen - actually I am more scared of my fellow cast members beating the crap out of me if I was to destroy the thrill than of being sued by Kurt Sutter!

He loves people.

I guess the man is in the right industry!

I want to thank Reverb Productions and Ink Spot Tattoo for granting Belt Drive Betty Media an exclusive with Christopher and most especially Christopher for being my first video interview with a true celebrity - I am positive we are going to be hearing big things about this humble giant of a man in the future!

In other news:

A unique "Fallen Riders" ride was held in Edmonton on the weekend - hosted by a Funeral Company!

In Nova Scotia, members of the Bacchus found themselves in hot water.

In Manufacturers News - Ducati's traction control costs them the race.

In Sports - Hayes and Cardenas were crowned at Homestead.

In Law & Politics - A judge in a murder case in Prince George BC is asking the crown to investigate laying charges against the RCMP...

There is a ton of other news from the weekend in the news feeds so check it out at where our work is keeping You informed!

I leave you today by sharing some of the crazy stuff my friends on Facebook share with me..laughter - it is so good for the soul!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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