Kurt Sutter, a mind that is as twisted and bent as a pretzel, delivered a gripping and disturbing show last night.  If you are in a time zone that has not seen the show yet - don't go any further in reading this...

NOT OPIE - I know it's just a show, but I seriously teared up - the look on Jax's face as Opie did what Opie has generally done was heart wrenching, but the look on Jax's face when Opie took the final blow that killed him - well that was one of deep sadness and friendship - the loyalty that Opie showed is typical of the MC world.

I have a number of drawings of members of the SOA from a local Alberta artist - Gayle Taylor - I almost feel like I should hang Opie's picture upside down now :(((

Kurt Sutter has a Video Blog called WTF Sutter and I now truly get the meaning of the title as I saw myself saying that over and over again - WTF Sutter - why Opie?  I get it, I hated it -  but I get it.

Twitter and Facebook are all a buzz over the death of Opie and many are pissed, but like me there are many who get it! The MC world touts loyalty to the club and brotherhood over all and that's why Opie had to die....And now Jax is in a position to leverage a lot of stuff, cause he didn't have to choose who should die. I can't wait to see how the jailer dies...and how Jax is going to use Tig...twisted - just like our favorite roads to ride are - that's the mind of Kurt Sutter...

In other news:

In Rhode Island a new bishop is being installed and he's heading for it on his motorcycle!

In Ontario - Dalton Timmis Insurance is throwing their support behind a local Ronald McDonald House - find out how you can help.

Also in Ontario - Classy Chassis Cycle in Lakefield is getting ready for their big auction and like years gone by there are some great motorcycles on the block!

In Great Britain, the Queen is getting a special gift

In Sports, Legendary tuner Skip Eaken passed away.

Also in sports - Rules are upsetting Screamin Eagle competitors in the NHRA

There is a ton of other news in the feeds today, to find out what may affect your day or life as a rider visit where our work is keeping You informed.

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails...

After last night's SOA I need to laugh!

Have a fabulous hump day everyone and if you are riding - PLEASE be safe.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Ride

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