There is a sad article in the news today that The Great Canadian Bike Rally is being sued by Community Futures for not paying back their $45,000 loan.

I have a call into Mike Fairfield and hope to find out what has transpired.

It seems to be the way with major motorcycle rallies here in Canada that they just can not get off the ground on any kind of solid footing. Either they are poorly managed or they are levied such high bills for enhanced policing etc that they just can't gain any traction.  It's sad...

Then there is the wonderful police chief in Lindsay Ontario who made some rather unfortunate comments about riders being disrespectful for wearing their leathers to march in Remembrance day ceremonies, apparently he is not granting anymore interviews on the topic and will not speak to motorcycle media.

This man has over stepped his boundaries hugely with his comments - using his uniform to further his personal opinions and putting the Legion in the middle.

It is sad that someone who takes a paycheque from taxpayers feels he is not accountable to them or the public at large.  I expressed my disappointment in his comments to the Police Service Board Chair - Gord James who promises this issue will be put on the agenda for their next meeting - I will not be letting this one go....this man can not be allowed to use his uniform to further a personal belief. IT IS WRONG!

I welcome your comments on either topic! Or any topic for that matter!!!!

There is a TON of news in the feeds today, visit to see what might affect your day or life as a rider:

In BC the Southern Cruisers have raised the roof for Variety!

A Solar Powered motorcycle has achieved a land speed record.

In Karachi motorcycles are being banned due to security threats.

A Portuguese racer was killed during qualifying in the Macau Grand Prix.

There is a fundraiser coming up this weekend for a motorcycle crash victim in Rapid City who is going to need a lot of help.

A gorgeous paint job was done on a bike as a tribute to a fallen female deputy in Florida

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails...

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Hi there - looking to get in touch with someone about this story (I work for a news organization) -please call 250 851 3204 or email Thanks!

  2. Bonecutter9:31 AM

    I don't believe the cop put the Legion in the middle. The Legion had a choice to make - either support some vets who wanted to march, or not. As usual, the Legion failed by choosing to avoid making a stand.

  3. Fester8:54 PM

    I have been to both Great Canadian Bike Rallies and have enjoyed them very much. The organizers are top notch people and I thought it was well organized. There are some things to improve, but they'll get there. I hope they get this sorted out so we can continue to enjoy getting together with great riders from all over while helping some deserving charities.