A gal I know out on Vancouver Island BC - Jenn Geeson, brought to the attention of many, that a fellow rider needed our help.

The man - Denis "Mountain Man" Pilon lost his place of business to fire. Sadly, because of the extreme cost of insurance, the building and it's contents were not insured. Inside that building was his classic Harley, and it's insurance had expired three days before the fire.

So in essence, he lost everything that allows him to employ 12 people, many of whom are at risk youth.

Now, Denis is one of those people, who is constantly giving to others.

He and his employees have played Santa to many in the Cowichan Lake region, he is always ready to help others and Jen wanted to find a way to give back to this man for all of his kindness to others...

She started a fundraiser to help him.
It was started yesterday and so far, that fundraiser has netted $680 + some tools.

She is also asking for donations like gift cards to Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware, carpentry tools and the like. 

You can send those donations to:
Mountain Man Fundraiser CO of Jenn Geeson
4870 Homestead Way
Ladysmith, BC V9G 1H1

I was touched by this story, partially because I know Jen, but also because Mountain Man's generosity is known to me. I called Mountain Man and I asked him about his employees and what we could do to help them with Christmas right around the corner.

He told me, through a teary voice, that his employees lost all of their gear for work in the fire.
He told me that one employee had recently lost his wife in a pedestrian/vehicle accident.

The man was in such pain - not because of what he lost, but because of what they lost.

He was in the process of building a new place of business - he was building as he could afford to and therefore not in any great hurry, but now there is a huge sense of urgency.

With no way to take on jobs he has no way to pay people, with no insurance he has no way to replace the tools and equipment needed to take on jobs.

I wanted to do something for his employees, but what...all of a sudden this idea hit me...

I want you - everyone who reads this blog, every Canadian, regardless of where you live, to send me your Canadian Tire Money. 

With your $3, $5, $10 in Canadian Tire money, we can then get the employees their carpenters hand tools, work belts, rain gear etc...and I have approached Canadian Tire to allow us to use that money at Mark's Work Wear House to get work boots etc.

If you shop at Mark's, you know they often give $5 and $10 gift cards as a thank you - we can use those too...

Don't look at the little bit of Canadian Tire money and think that it's not enough...

Remember the wise words of Mother Teresa - “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

If we all give just a little bit, soon we will have amassed enough that Mountain Man and his employees will all be back at this Christmas - let's give the gift of jobs...

If you can help out financially - please donate to Jenn's fundraiser...

If you can help out with carpentry tools, gift cards for Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware etc please send them to:

Mountain Man Fundraiser CO of Jenn Geeson
4870 Homestead Way
Ladysmith, BC V9G 1H1

If you can help out with Canadian Tire money or Mark's gift cards, please send them to me:
Belt Drive Betty Media
10908-102 St
Grande Prairie AB T8V 2X3

I leave you with some funnies to start your Monday off on the right note...thanks to my zany, crazy Facebook friends and those who send me these via Emails...YOU ARE THE BEST!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone,
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Great idea. My like stash of CT money is on its way.

  2. Thank you Canajun! Thank you!

  3. Arghhh.... My "little" stash. Too early I guess. Also posted this on FB so perhaps a few of my non-biking friends will be able to pitch in as well.

  4. Envelope with my small stash is also on it's way. It's not much but I hope it helps.