How can working with Belt Drive Betty Media help your riding club or events?

We here at Belt Drive Betty Media are riders, just like you.
We believe in the ride, the community and the sense of family riding brings.

We are a multi media company that can offer you a ton of ways to share information with other riders about your group, your events, your ride nights, your community and your membership.

Our NATIONAL Events Calendars are available on our web site, in a mobile format, in an App and are HIGHLY shareable.  We also print the events listings in our newspaper in March, April and into May!

They are broken down by province and type of event! Download Link:


Our weekly community newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is a place for the riding community to share its stories; it’s triumphs and heartaches – a place to celebrate being a rider and that entails.

Our newspaper goes out in a newsletter every Thursday morning; the paper is produced 48 times a year and the newsletter – 52 weeks a year! You only get one email a week from us. Our goal is to provide all the info we can in one email.

We accept submissions from riding clubs and offer you a free place to get your message out to the larger riding community.   

The featured stories from the paper go live on our web site every week and NOW those stories go to an App!

  This App is being released late December 2012

Belt Drive Betty dot Com is the place to tell the rest of Canada what you are up to, why they should join you or look you up when they come through your community. 

Our website, is enjoying an average of 2 million page views per month, 78,000 Unique visitors and 191,000 visits per month

Remember on Facebook you can only share inside of Facebook, but from our web site you can share into Facebook, hence why having a membership on our site and sharing stuff you have posted on our web site just makes sense! You build your audience by networking, combining our audience with yours! BUT - IF YOU ARE Overwhelmed by technology, confused by too many apps and tools - We've got your back!  You can ALWAYS simply email your event information, stories, etc to  We'll make sure it gets to the right place. 

Our web site and newspaper are a free place to share your stories about special volunteers, rides and events and I would encourage you to send your articles in to us!  We can help spread the information!

Or better yet, become a member and submit them through our site and take advantage of all of the other tools we offer like free classified ads, member only contests, The Road Trips Rewards™ Card, The Rider Friendly Phone Book, the Canadian Riders Support Network, The Never Ride Alone Program and More!

This App is being released late December 2012

We are here to serve you, and help you grow your local events and community through the sharing and networking tools that are integrated in our web site.

Our services are free - all except the newspaper's subscription fee which is $20/year.
BUT...If your executive feels our offerings have benefit your group, let me know by email (bdbetty @ fix the spaces)and then add our banner or a link to your site or Facebook page.

Then tell your members to register on - in the PROMO CODE AREA they should use: Riding Clubs and make sure they tell us what club they are with – once we have verified our banner/link on your site - as our way of  truly being a sponsor...

EVERY RIDER who signs up on our site from your club will get the community newspaper and have benefit of all of the features of our site! FOR FREE - we won't charge you for the newspaper subscription - it's our Christmas present to our community. 

We'll even sponsor free subscriptions as door prizes or goodie bag for your events, just email me to discuss getting you the subscription cards for handing out! 

Oh and don’t forget the Road Trip Rewards Card is good for special services and offerings at over 250 Canadian Businesses! The virtual card is located on everyone's unique profile page and the can either load it into their smart phone by snapping a picture of it or print it off. They can also come to some of the different events we are at and get hard plastic cards!
Here are our banners -  we'd love to be networked with you!

If you are a Facebook based group you can connect with us and take advantage of our network there...and on our web site. When you give us permission to help you we will make sure your stuff gets out to the rest of our network whenever possible - but it is super appreciated when you also add your stuff to our web site and it's so easy to to!

Specialty Pages:

Canadian Motorcycle Events - All of the events that get added to our calendars on are pushed to this Facebook Page

Bikers United in Remembrance - Our Support Our Troops Page on Facebook

Rider Down - Find out information on who crashed and where

We can also be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube!

And don't forget my National Conga is coming up - I will be riding from the Yukon to Newfoundland and filming for a new Travel and Tourism show on Eastlink Cable and Video on Demand called Ride Like a Local as well as my own YouTube Chanel - BDB TV!

We have the ways and means to help spread the word about your riding club and it's events...let us know if we can be of service!

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and by emails, laughter makes everything better.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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