Graham Ritchie - a British Columbia rider who was well loved and respected and an active volunteer in the BC motorcycle community passed away last night.

The video below touched my heart as I thought of Graham.

When he speaks of looking over his shoulder and all of a sudden 30 years had passed...(30 years since it's been spring)

As the singer spoke of the King getting slower, and how he wanted to keep it going a little longer, that there was so much still to see and so little time...

We all feel that way at times, like life goes by too quickly - and it does and we loose our friends, our bodies start letting us down...

My wish for you as you watch this video is that you never pass up a chance to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, to embrace life, to be of service to your fellow man and make this life - this very short life - the richest and most rewarding it can be.

Rest in Peace Graham, your work here is done, you have earned your retirement ride.
We will remember you fondly and often, you will always ride with us...

Belt Drive Betty

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