I had a friend who knows Jeff go by JB's Custom Colors in Kamloops BC yesterday to see my tins up close and personal to see what had been done. Besides the one photo I had gotten of the fairing - I had no idea if any of the base paint had been done or what was going on.

I got the call from my buddy that Jeff was incoherent, ranting and raving like a lunatic and not making any sense. There didn't appear to be anyone working except one young man.

And sadly none of the work appears to have been done on my bike save the fairing.
If you read my previous post on this topic you'll know I was deeply disappointed by what I saw.

Apparently my friend Jeff does not exist anymore.

Apparently he looks like the walking dead with wild eyes and that can mean only a few things.
He's either become hooked on booze or drugs or both.

I am told he is super skinny and a babbling mess.

That my friends makes me sadder than my tins not being done and it explains a lot of the frustrations I have experienced with Jeff.

It all makes sense now.

Today my friend is going to the shop to get my tins and get them on a bus back to me.
Hopefully there are no challenges with that.
If he's unsuccessful, I will go down first part of the week, go to the cop shop and ask an officer to escort me to get them.

I am asking you to say a prayer for Jeff.

Something has a hold of him - not sure what - but the good man, the talented painter I once knew is buried somewhere under what ever has a hold on him.

I pray he gets some help before it is too late and we are reading an obituary.

Please say a small prayer for him. In spite of everything I have gone through with him I don't want to see him face down in the gutter - dead.

He's obviously lost and in a lot of pain.

In other news I have an Alberta BoostR campaign underway to raise some funds I need to buy a Sony Moto Journalist pack - it includes a Sony Video Camera and all of the accessories for the camera - all tucked into a nice little back pack. I also need some of the new Drift Ghost Cameras for my bike.

This equipment will be used for filming my TV Series on Eastlink TV called "Ride like a Local"

Alberta BoostR is a BRAND NEW ATB Financial, Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures initiative to provide crowd funding opportunities for small business.

Mine is one of two campaigns - that have already started and I am happy to say I already have two people who have boosted my business in return for some rewards!

Check out the campaign and if you can contribute, I'd appreciate it.  I'll be sending awesome perks out to those who Boost my business - the Boostr's get their rewards and I get the money I need BUT ONLY if I reach my goal!

Our web site is undergoing some enormous changes - there might be some hiccups over the next few days but I invite you to keep tabs on it over the next few days and then we would love your feedback - we want  the information and tools we offer to be easy to access and use - all suggestions and recommendations are deeply appreciated!

Once Ali flips the switch to the new version of the site - we'd appreciate it if you would let us know about any bugs or anomalies that you see....

For GP region riders - don't forget the Toys for Tots Dealer Show and Swap Meet is on at the TEC centre at Evergreen Park on Saturday from 10-4 pm...see you out there...we will be filming using Eastlinks' Video cameras...

And remember to check out our events calendars folks - there are well over 1,300 events in there - there's bound to be something that will interest you no matter where in Canada you live!

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and via Email..

Thanks folks...and have a fabulous Thursday.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I am sorry for Jeff as even though I dont know him, from my experience it sounds like he is in the vice grip of Meth. It has ruined many good people that I have known. You are right, if he doesn't get help soon, he will be dead or in jail. That said GET YOUR STUFF NOW, meth addicts will take anything from anyone to get more even if they weren't like that before. H & R Betty.

  2. Looking forward to seeing an episode of your new show... you never cease to amaze me.

  3. The jeff i knew was a kind man. This version is a sick shell of was once a good man. I hope i can say hello to jeff again.