I have been home just over a week and am already looking at the looming date of Monday when I need to be as caught up from 90 days on the road as is possible. Why? Because I am going to Ireland.

It is my first time going to Europe and I am nervous and excited.  Celtic Rider has a great itinerary lined up for Stephanie and I. When we arrive, we have a day to ourselves in Dublin and then the guys will pick us up, take us to the Celtic Rider location for a safety course on riding on the left hand side of the road.  We will have a guide for the first two days just to ensure that we get the hang of things.

I am nervous as I have never ridden a BMW before much less a sport touring bike, AND I have never ridden on the left side of the road before. I don't want to be dead and I don't want to embarrass myself either.

I know I have a fair amount of experience under my belt but that does not stop a good case of the nerves from happening!

While on this trip I will also be doing product testing.

Kimpex has sent Stephanie and I some new helmets to test.  Both helmets have the ear pockets for communications devices so we will be testing the UClear communications units.
These are the ones with the boomless mics and came to us from Green Room Social, a marketing company.

We will see how they perform in non full face helmets where the sound quality is reported to be amazing.  Once we are done with the UClear devices they have to go back to the marketing firm to send out to other journalists to try.

Then I am testing out the new Heat Demon heated vest and foot warmers also thanks to Kimpex.

These babies can be hooked to the battery on your motorcycle but can also be hooked up to an external battery pack that fits in the inside pocket of the vest so that you can continue to have heat when you are off the bike.  Also if you were on a rental bike (like I will be in Ireland) that you could not attach the battery connector to, you could still be running a heated vest when needed!

When I got the gear in yesterday, I charged the battery up and then wore the vest until the battery died and I was very pleased with the amount of heat and the length of time the small external battery could provide.

4 hours on HIGH!

The Vest

The vest has some pretty cool features too, the side panels of the vest give you the ability to find the right fit for you.

I am looking forward to testing out the foot warmers and seeing how they perform. These babies are one size fits all in that like insoles, there are guides for you to cut them to match up with your foot size.

The VestThe cables seem very lightweight and unobtrusive and run up your legs where they hook to a y cable and then into the controller.

Because I have arthritis in my feet in a really bad way, I am particularly looking forward to see how these babies will work.  They might solve some of the cold weather riding issues I have.

All of these products will get a work out in Ireland and I'll have full reviews on them sometime there after.

Like I said, I am nervous, excited and a tad overwhelmed with the work load I have created for myself by being on the road for 90 days, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The minute I feel overwhelmed I look at some of the 200 plus hours of video I have to edit and I smile, remembering the wonderful people, the amazing scenery, the and videos sure keep those memories alive and vivid!

Yes, everything in life is a trade off and while I might moan a little about the work, I am so grateful to have it!

Until next time, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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