A student at Newman Elementary School, fired the AR-15 that was mounted on a police motorcycle that was on display during an event for students called Red Ribbon Week, a drug and alcohol awareness event.

Why was the rifle loaded? Why was it not on safety?  Why was it even on the "display bike". 
Those are answers we'll have to wait for.

The gun was apparently locked on the bike and the bullet hit the steel plate locking device causing the shrapnel that injured the students.

In other news:

Indian Larry's bike, built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off against Billy Lane
 is for sale in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue - you too can own it for just $750,000...

Gulf Week in Dubai is getting ready to kick off.

In sports, there are those who are wondering "Can Erik Buell Racing Make Enough Bikes to Enter World Superbike Series?"

That's right, it is rumoured that Eric Buell Racing might become part of the WSBK. He has a lot of hurdles to jump, but if he can do it, well, let's just say it seems people are rooting for him.

The manufacturers have a lot of news today...

The Indian is being test ridden. Click here to see the review

Yamaha to invest $150mn to build a new plant in Pakistan.

I can not imagine the grief that his parents must be going through. As I lift a prayer for him, his family and friends, I ask that you do too. I also pray for the police forces - they have a tough job, get criticized a lot, sometime rightly, other times not.  I pray that something is learned and this you man's life is not in vain.

Funnies don't feel appropriate today.

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If you are blessed enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, and remember to dress for the slide and not the ride.

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