So what do these three things have in common, the Ford Mustang, eyeglasses and shopping for eyeglasses online?

Well, a while back there was a press release from Mustang and Clearly Contacts that Clearly Contacts, an online eyeglass shop had joined forces to promote the brand.
Mustang had decided that like many other automobile lines, it wanted its own brand of eyewear.

I agreed to try a pair to do a product review for

The process of ordering online was simple enough, although I did have a question about whether the frames which said they were for males were unisex or if there was a female line. There was no female line and the frames are supposedly Unisex.
Under Product Info it says the Frame is MALE
I ordered the 1904 Titanium Frost frames with my single vision prescription.

Ordering anything as personal as glasses on line is tough for me.  I am fussy and I hate waiting for what I want. The frames you choose might not fit you and you might have to send them back for a different pair.  If your prescription is too involved like bifocals or progressives - well that can be a disaster because your eyes can measure differently (distance of pupil to glasses lens) and it can be tough to get the frames to fit and allow the lenses to do their job well.

The Fitting Chart on the frame page:
They actually tell you to go to a local store to try on frames to find ones that fit....Sorry but I find that to be a wee bit offensive. And if I am going to go to a local shop, where I probably know at least one of the employees, I am probably going to buy them there instead of online. But hey, that's just me!

Now, I got the glasses about 5 days after I ordered them and they came with a small bottle of lens cleaner, a lens cleaning cloth and a small screw driver in a clear plastic pouch and a glasses case.

The glasses fit me, the prescription seems right,  the service was reasonably fast and the transaction straight forward. That's the good news!  The bad news is that I think Mustang - the brand of cars did themselves a great disservice.

They chose to go with just the word Mustang instead of their famous Horse.

How much more representative of the brand would those glasses be if they had the image of the horse on the side instead of:

The array of choice also left me flat, there was simply nothing in the Mustang Line that truly appealed to me.

Ranging from $79 - $99, it seems that unlike their car brand, that is a higher end brand, they opted for the cheaper, lower end frames to put their name on.

Pride of ownership is what the Mustang Car is all about, the race history, the loyal following but something tells me that although having their own brand of eyewear may seem prestigious, they could have taken much more care in the quality and the variety of the frames they offered the Mustang lover.

I give ClearlyContacts 3 out of 5 gas tanks

While the process was smooth enough and I encountered no pitfalls, I am not sure how I feel about the company after reading the fitting suggestions for the frames. I do after all prefer to shop local and support my local economy and the very suggestion that I should use my local shop to try frames on and then copy down measurements to use for shopping on line feels SOOOO wrong to me.

I give the Mustang Line 1 out of 5 gas tanks.

Shame on you Mustang, you should put much more thought into the quality and design of your glasses line than you did. If branding was the goal of creating your own line of glasses - you failed miserably.

You could have also chosen some frames more suitable to we ladies.

And that folks is how I feel about the Ford Mustang, Glasses and ordering eyeglasses on line.

Belt Drive Betty

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