A family in the UK has decided to release helmet camera footage from their son's crash with the hopes that they can prevent even one person from dying needlessly.

The video clearly shows that the rider's excessive speed and the auto drivers lack of judgement caused a young man to loose his life, a mother to grieve, a family bereft.

A majority of riders love to "race" the wind, most of us at times, like to push it a little harder than is wise to do.

A spring day, you haven't been out in a while, you are feeling full of zest for life and you make that one fatal decision, to wick on the throttle, just as you have on other odd occasions, only this time, you didn't get lucky. There are no heroic bench racing stories to tell. Its over, and your family and friends are left to deal with the aftermath.

This video poignantly shows a mother's pain and love. Her pride and her deep, profound sorrow.

I hope that sharing this helps prevent one mom from having to feel the way this one does.

R.I.P. David Holmes.  Thank you to his mother, Brenda Holmes for sharing his story with the rest of us.  I for one deeply appreciate it.

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If you are blessed to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you and please consider wearing all the gear!

Belt Drive Betty
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  1. I for one will not watch the video but I'll share it with others. I believe in ATGATT but also know that some times all the gear in the world will not save you. I also believe that only practice and using your head is the best safety gear. That accepting that any ride may be our last is part of the risk we take.

    Physics will always win out in the end.