Every year right across this great country called Canada, Riders who work for an employer are asked to have their requests in for holidays and long weekends before March 31st.

If having more people attend your event is something you would like to see happen, one of the best ways is to have your event posters done and ready BEFORE March 31st!

We are all busy people and we are all controlled to a degree by the demands of our jobs and employers.

The ideal time to start promoting events is December, January, February and March for maximum exposure and so people can book their holidays and long weekends.

Yes there is still lots of time to promote events after March 31st, but if you want that tourist, that rider from two or three provinces away whose going on vacation in your direction to show up, you need to at least get your event name and date out there by MARCH 31st!

One of the pet peeves that most riders have with event posters is the lack of important information on them.

Too many event coordinators think on a local level, they don't stop to think about that touring rider and the information they are going to need.

You see the CVMG poster on the right? It is pretty decent BUT it assumes that everyone knows where the Westerner Fairgrounds is. At least there is an phone number and email to contact the gent running it and the fact that the area code is in the phone number lets a person figure out this is an Alberta Event.  This particular event is in Red Deer Alberta for those interested.

Every poster should have the name of the event, date and times.

They should also include a street address, the NAME of the town and the PROVINCE

Contact information is vital - for both the event itself and the venue.

A lot of coordinators don't stop to think about that person who might break down or get lost on their way. If it's a poker run, they are going to want to call the venue where everyone met up at to see if they can find out where the first stop is to try and catch up.

If they have broken down they might want to call and get a message to people that they need help or to let others who are expecting them that they will be late, need help or won't be coming.

WHO - WHAT - WHERE - WHEN & WHY is what people need to know FIRST - then you can add bands, and other pertinent information to entice people.

Don't ASSUME anything.  If you are hosting an event do not assume that everyone knows where the Crossroads is or the Big Red Barn or the Western Fair Grounds is.

Think like a tourist when you are making your posters.

We here at Belt Drive Betty Media offer free promotion of all riding club events, charity events etc.

You can add your posters to by registering on our site.

If you have ANY challenges getting your event information and need help - email me at and I can help you.

We have a small team of data entry people who can also add events for those who are computer unfriendly.

This is my gift to the Canadian Riding Community every year and has been for 13 seasons!

We work these events calendars hard by reaching out to all of the clubs and coordinators we know and hounding them for the information.

My goal always has been to help the riding clubs and charitable events to get the most exposure they can FOR FREE and that the rider can, FOR FREE use these highly sortable, sharable and MOBILE calendars on their phones, computers and tablets.

When I first started out I did all the work and research myself, now we are a team of five people making sure these events are out there for all to have access to.

We are here to SERVE the riding community and if you want or need some help all you have to do is ASK!!!!

In other news:

An Ontario family is challenging the findings of the Ontario Special Investigations Unit regarding the June 14th, 2014 crash that killed their loved one Clayton Rivet, 29, who was travelling on Queensville Sideroad, near Hwy. 404, in East Gwillimbury at around 11:15 p.m. last June 14, when his BMW sport bike slammed into a York Regional Police cruiser which was making a U-turn.

The Gatekeepers MC has expanded from Nova Scotia to Ontario and the OPP's Biker Enforcement Unit is very aware of them and spreading the word to the citizens of Elgin and Stratford about their presence.

There is a move in Washington state to see the helmet law there be repealed!

Victory is doing its level best to come out with an electric motorcycle before Harley-Davidson dos by the sound of it! They have filed a patent for the name: Victory Charger.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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