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U.S. Defenders Press Release with regards to the AMA - Jan 27, 2015 - U.S.A. - By U.S. Defenders National; - More than 50 years ago the American Motorcycle Association is credited with releasing a statement arguing that 99% of all motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens, implying that 1% of motorcyclists are not. It is argued that the AMA released this statement to combat rumors that rabble-rousers were disrupting AMA events.  Being the rebellious postwar sort, many individuals that found common brotherhood in motorcycle clubs began to call themselves 1%'ers.

This statement, and its history, has been widely debated and discussed.  But what is certain is that this statement & history have been skewed and manipulated by law enforcement from coast-to-coast to validate unsubstantiated stereotypes about motorcycle clubs, particularly those self-identified as 1%'ers, This has reinforced a separation in the motorcycle rights movement in America between independent motorcyclists and clubs. This statement, and the false separation of our movement, has outlived its usefulness. It is now time to break down the barriers to true unification of the entire motorcycling community.
There is no clearer of an indication than recent public statements by representatives of the AMA that the opportunity, willingness, and possibility of true unification is within our reach. The AMA has tangibly reached out to the the club community dedicated to advancing motorcycle rights and fighting motorcycle discrimination. In fact, the AMA has publicly and openly endorsed the movement to end motorcycle profiling and discrimination and has unapologetically separated itself from the 50 year-old statements used to divide hundreds of thousands of AMA members from grassroots efforts being driven by motorcycle clubs nationwide.

In October 2014, the motorcycle club and independent community in California held a Motorcycle Unification Rally on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento. The theme of the rally was to unify all of the different elements of the motorcycle rights movement in California and extinguish the false separation fueled by law enforcement's mythologically driven stereotypes. In front of an estimated 3,000 motorcyclists on the steps of the Capitol, Nick Haris, AMA western states representative, publicly endorsed groundbreaking legislation combating motorcycle profiling passed in Washington State in 2011. Nick strongly encouraged the unification of the entire motorcycling community in California in order to replicate Washington's success. This is the first time that I am aware of that the AMA has so strongly endorsed legislation combating discrimination against motorcyclists being driven by motorcycle clubs at the grassroots level.

Nick's public statements in California are not an anomaly. On January 26, 2015 Sean Hutson, an AMA lobbyist from 
Washington D.C., travelled to Texas to attend and speak at the bi-annual motorcycle rights rally on the steps of the Capitol in Austin. Significantly, this event is organized and hosted by the Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders in Texas. These organizations are primarily comprised of motorcycle clubs fighting for the advancement of motorcycle rights at the grassroots level.

In front of thousands of club members, Sean spoke very directly and separated the AMA from statements attributed to the organization over a half century ago. He also directly endorsed the movement to end motorcycle discrimination and profiling arguing that motorcyclists of all walks of life have more in common than differences. We all love to ride.  In fact, Sean helped draft federal legislation to end motorcycle-only checkpoints because they are misplaced and discriminatory. Importantly, he correctly observed that if the over 10 million motorcyclists in America unified we could stop the practice of profiling and implement a pro-motorcycle rights agenda across the board. Imagine what a powerful movement motorcyclists would be.

The time to unify
 all of the elements of the motorcycle rights movement in the United States is now. When a massive and well entrenched organization like the AMA extends an olive branch the world is truly changing, signaling that the advancement of the motorcycle rights movement has no ceiling. It is time to solidify the rights base of motorcyclists nationwide so future generations will enjoy the freedoms and privileges that so many have fought, bled, and died for.
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