Here at Belt Drive Betty Media we are going through growing pains in a big way! AND, that's a good thing!

Ali & Gator
I am in the process of hiring at least two data entry clerks to work on a contract basis from their own homes to take some the stress off of Ali's and my shoulders.

Ali, our web mistress does a great job of keeping things working and moving forward at and all of it's sub sites.  She and Gator are on their first vacation in 10 years,  and I am so happy for them that they are finally getting away - they like my husband and I, never had a Honeymoon!

We are at that point where we need more hands to give both Ali and I some balance in our lives. Both of us have a passion for helping people and both of us are workaholics because we truly love what we do, but there comes a point where you have to put yourself first and fill up the emotional gas tank.

I truly hope that Ali & Gator have the most fabulous holiday, lord knows they more than deserve it.

In the meantime, I will be doing the best I can to hold down the fort and assist anyone who needs help on the site,

I will be training a new sales rep next week, weather permitting and I am hoping to attract more people who love sales to help us grow the free tools we provide to the riding community.  It's an exciting time as this network we have created keeps growing.

We have so many plans for a new and improved experience and I can't wait to see them ALL be implemented! I know that we are looking to hire a part time Joomla expert, so if you know anyone who excels in Joomla CMS, send them our way for a chat!

I have been attending seminars on how to become an effective leader and business person thanks to Community Futures - a wonderful organization that helps small business people like myself to grow in ways that we'd never be able to otherwise.

Community Futures of Alberta are also the presenting sponsor of the Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community contest as they realize the value that rural tourism brings to small business!

I am embarking on my very first webinars geared towards Canadian Event Coordinators!

The webinars are going to help these coordinators by providing the important information on promoting their events and how to deal with a multitude of situations.

If you'd like to participate in our Webinars/Group on Greenrope - please accept our Ebook on Hosting Motorcycle Events as a thank-you - fill in your email to be taken to the form:

Yes, it is a super exciting time of growth with many things on the go around here, stay tuned for information on some of those changes coming soon!

In other news around the world:

According to an article on Gizomodo, the Hells Angels admit to being experts encrypting data in a text message during a rather bizarre trial.  Begin Quote: The Silk Road trial is back on, and we still don't know if Ross Ulbricht is going to go down for the crimes of the Dread Pirate Roberts. Today, the trial focused on DPR's interactions with the Hells Angels, who he allegedly hired to kill a rogue drug vendor. End Quote

Keith Wandell is retiring from Harley-Davidson and his successor is Matt Levatich
Triumph is doing very well in the Indian market having outsold their goal of 500 bikes.
They sold 1,300!

This week's version of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is out!

Next week is a dark week - we resume again on February 19th.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you are not riding out a huge snow storm, if you are blessed to live where you can be riding - please ride like everyone is blind and cannot see you!

For those of you who like me are suffering HUGELY from PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome):
Visit our Beat the PMS Blues Online Show 'n' Shine brought to you by our fabulous sponsors - and Strip Club Choppers Canada

Join our PMS Support Group on Facebook!

Belt Drive Betty
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