Canada’s Most Rider Friendly Community Contest is a Rural Tourism Initiative of the Rider Friendly Business Association®, a non registered mutual benefits society, and a division of Belt Drive Betty Media®.
The contest is geared towards communities with populations of 125,000 or under. (At some point in the future we will consider hosting a contest for major cities.)

From the mountains to the prairies, the ocean coasts and the islands of this fair country, there are many, many wonderful communities to discover and explore. Communities you’ll seldom hear about like Two Hills AB, Mabou, Cape Breton NS, La Scie NL, Morden MB, Indian Head SK, Grindrod BC, well you get the idea. 
There is something…a connection.
These communities cater to and invite the rider. 
There are communities, steeped in the history of the motorcycle like Cereal AB, hometown of motorcycling icon Glenn Turple.
There are communities like Port Dover with a population of 6,300+ people that host motorcycle events, REALLY big ones and have for years and still many don’t know of it!
Whether it is their pubs, restaurants, ice cream stands, roadside attractions, motorcycle events and non motorcycle specific festivals and attractions, the small businesses, hotels, motels and Beds and Breakfasts…these communities offer something special to the rider…acceptance as human beings, tourists and explorers.
These communities are the very fabric and essence of what it is to be Canadian and every rider should discover them!
This contest is meant to inspire:
Pride of community both as citizens and riders
The sharing of great places to eat, sleep, play, explore and yes – ride!
This contest is meant to showcase:
Rural Canada and all of its unique offerings
The Communities that are nominated!
The Sponsors who support the contest
The businesses that are members of the Rider Friendly Business Association® & The Road Trip Rewards Program™
Let's get some good old-fashioned Canadian Community competition going eh? 
Submit your entry today!

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