It was a pretty good day - My buddy Mike Cole rode in and was interviewed by many media sources, TV, Radio....he has really done a lot to raise awareness for Diabetes - my hats of to him.

You can follow the rest of his ride on

He's a trooper and you can support him by making a donation to find a cure for Junior Diabetes.

I got soooo many hugs yesterday, it was like old home week!

I also had a very flattering and enticing invitation by Travel Alberta to provide them with an column for the new motorcycle section they want to start on their web site!

I am feeling so grateful!

I have to thank Sandra "BoB" Tyacke and her hubby Doug Blackie for all of their help in the booth. And what can I say about the guys from the Veterans Canada MC - man those guys are wonderful. If you have a chance - support your troops even if you don't support your government's decision for them to be engaged in wars you don't agree with.

Well, best get me arse in the shower and get ready for another day of hugs and friends.

Riding season is just around the your bike ready to go? If not, you'd best be getting it ready or your favorite shop might not have time or parts for you to be riding when the roads are ready.

Stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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