The weather kept people away from the Red Deer Motorcycle Show - it appears that people were just not prepared to come out in -30 weather.

Today the temperature is supposed to be around -21 so hopefully more will show up today.

The event coordinator has done so much work and faced so many challenges to put on a good show, he deserves your support. There is a wonderful variety of vendors and they have worked so hard to put together great displays and bring unique and interesting products to the public. I sure hope that the community decides to come out and support them today.

We have 16 BDB Club Business partners at the show so make sure you bring your savings card!

Black Knight Ink
Rogue Angel Wear
Leather & Steel
5150 Bike Werks
Grizzly Leather
Boutique of Leathers Open Road
Hardly Davidson/Swanky Shanks
ArtAtude Promotional Services
Darryl Makk's Comedy Detour/Kootenay Gut Buster
Badspirit Designs
Native Arts Tattoo
BlackJack Vintage & Classic Hawgs
Afterdark Custom Motorcycles
Purple Slice
Rose's Front Room - Jewelry, Motorcycle Gear & Uniques
Home for Chrome Insurance

I had the opportunity to interview Paul Cox and Kendall Johnson yesterday - I have to tell you....there is a real trend I have noticed with these big named builders - genuine, real and hard core riders who love the conveyance we call a motorcycle - Paul and Kendall share those same qualities. If you decide to brave the cold - the passion these men have for the machines they build and work on will warm your heart if not your hands....

I want to see the Agri Centre at the Westerner PACKED with people today....come on out and have a visit and see some great products. I think you'll be glad you did.

Hope to see you there.

I am jumping in the shower and getting ready to go....see you there.

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. The weather is ure having its toll on everything this year. Is it a sign of the times we're living in...people losing their jobs, recession, deficit, co-allitions, fear, uncertainty, and finally hope.
    The Vancouver Bike show is alos on this week, as I 'm sure many other bike shows across the country...Isn't it ludicrous that a bike show is held right smack in the middle of WINTER....! when nobody can really enjoy it... Spring may be a more appropriate time for bike shows...wouldn't you say?

  2. I know that many of we riders would enjoy them more in the spring however the MMIC shows aren't geared for the rider but for the manufacturer and they want to attract new riders to increase their base.