It's funny how a person can be on the road and working for a month and only get one day to do sales calls! Today is that day for me. I am looking forward to seeing what this day will bring.

After the pomp and celebration of yesterday with the swearing in of Barack Obama, I woke up feeling very positive and hopeful for good days ahead.

I have something else I'd like to share with you.

I have been taking a whole food called Mila. For anyone who knows me and how badly damaged my feet are not to mention some of the other physical challenges I have, well I have to tell you this food is making all of the difference in the world for me and my body!

I can actually trot up stairs without crying - something I have not done in 11 years!
There are other remarkable things happening too - I have regained some of the feeling in my big toes - again - it's been 11 years since I have been able to feel the ends of them!

Mila is made from the Chia Seed - it was considered the food of the gods by the Aztecs and I can see why.

Some of the other benefits have been regularity - I suffer badly from changing water from city to city and have irritable bowel syndrome - gone! I have been in para meno pause for 4 years or so and for the first time in years have not been suffering with night sweats.

This food assists with better health for Diabetes patients, heart disease, breast and colon cancer to name a few. It is packed with 18 essential amino acids, tons of other good things like selenium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and has the highest concentration of short string Omega 3 fatty acids and has more antioxidents than blueberries.

In a nut shell I am feeling better than I have in years! Check it out at

I have also been working with some interesting books on the Law of Attraction and again, I am beginning to change the way I think and in turn it is helping with the way I feel.

Tell me, what are you doing for yourself to improve your health and wellness?

I hope you all have a wonderful day - stay safe and warm...

Belt Drive Betty

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