The Red Deer Motorcycle show was shaping up beautifully when I left last night around 7:30

At least 80% of the vendors were already moved in in spite of the horrendous weather that descended on us here. The variety of vendors is phenomenal.

Our big BDB Community Booth has been separated into two booths, one vendor did not like his space so we agreed to take his space and give up some of ours so you will have to look for our first row of BDB Partners on the North side of the Custom Alley and the other booth is between Pro AM and Silver Cove...I hope to see a ton of you out!

The Vancouver show is off and running and it is great to know that Bee and Bryan have things under control for us there. This is the first time we have had representation at 2 shows at the same time. I am excited to have the foundation of a great team.

So far Belt Drive Betty's Little Black Book of Rider Friendly Businesses has been well received and I am looking forward to similar responses out of both Vancouver and Red Deer.

We now officially have a sales representative in Toronto - Diva Crystal of the Chrome Divas has decided to join us and I will begin training her when I get home next week.

Home - I am getting a bit home sick (I have been gone since December 30th.)
Even though I talk to my wonderful husband every night, it's not the same as a hug and kiss goodnight. I am a lucky woman to have a man like Mark and I am grateful for him every day!
I can't wait to get home and start with my New Year's Resolution which is to work one less hour a day and spend that hour with him.

Anyway - it's time to hop in the shower and get to the show, so...stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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