For me, Mondays are normally a drag your butt day. I usually work all night building the paper but this weekend I was actually able to have the paper done on Sunday morning and have an afternoon with hubby and daughter, watched a couple of movies and I got a great sleep in.

It feels rather odd saying that I feel good on a Monday morning, but here I am, feeling like I can handle whatever gets thrown my way.

The books go to the accountant this morning, I am caught up on most stuff and ready to promote, and do sales.

What a great feeling.

There's not a ton of stuff in the news yet today.
Congratulations to the winners in the Prince George Firefighters Bike Draw...

This week's paper is 12 pages, and it will remain at 12 pages for the foreseeable future until we get the runs, rallies and events printed for right across Canada.

The events calendars still need a wee bit of tweaking but nothing major - thanks to Lori's help and Bryan & Bee's they are shaping up really nicely.

Now, if this white stuff would go away - I'd have the world by the arse!

Anyway - wherever you live - ride safe, ride like they are out to get you because I want you around for a long time to come.

For those here in the great white north...stay safe and warm, we will get to ride sometime this year!

Belt Drive Betty

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