Our web mistress, Ali, had surgery yesterday and everything went well, she's on the mend and should be home on Thursday! Her hubby Gator is relieved as are the rest of us who care about her!

Our newest section on our web site: is our support our troops section and it is rather timely given the Fox piece...and the fact that 4 more of our soldiers came home in pine boxes.

The sacrifices these soldiers made, the sacrifices of their families do not deserve to be demeaned the way Fox demeaned them.

Unfortunately Fox is getting great ratings out of our outrage. The apology that needs to come will never be enough to assuage the hurt and discomfort the piece of "Comedy" has caused. The history of Canadian soldiers and their commitment to peace and safety is a strong and vital one - shame on Fox and shame on the American people who agree with the sentiments expressed by Fox.

Making fun of any war - making fun of your allies when they are bringing men and women home in pine boxes - is not just wrong - it's stupid, senseless and thoughtless. When you spit in the wind it will land back on you.

I for one hope it lands right in your eye Greg Gutfeld - you and your cohorts are disgusting pieces of work - however you may have done something for Canadians that no other American has ever done.

You may have just convinced our Prime Minister to bring our boys and girls home - early and you may have helped our politicians to understand that an arrogant bully deserves no support.
"Mr." Gutfeld's email address is: I think he deserves to hear what we Canadians really think. I've sent mine in....

If you are lucky enough to live where you can ride - please ride like they are out to get you.
You lucky dogs are too busy riding to watch disgusting people like those on the FOX Red Eye.

If you live in a region like I do, where we still have a ton of snow and riding is still a ways off - stay safe and warm and don't watch FOX.

Belt Drive Betty

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