The meeting that I am preparing for today is another indicator that more regions want to promote to motorcyclists.

Yes two and three wheel travel is going to become more "mainstream".
The Chamber of Commerce here in Jasper is planning a Poker Run and Show 'n' Shine and I got a sneak preview of some of the off the beaten track roads that they plan to run this 200 km poker run on....there isn't a rider alive that won't love it!

I am very gratified to see that more hotels, motels etc are starting to truly take our community seriously when it comes to accommodation needs and being Rider Friendly!

I have a lot to do to get ready for the meeting this morning so I will sign off for now.
Please if you live where you can ride already - ride safely - ride like no one can see you!

For the rest of us, try and stay warm...
Belt Drive Betty

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