Well my sweet husband has had the last of his steroid treatments and he agreed to give Mila a try!

The high Omega 3 in Mila should prove very beneficial to him and will hopefully help him the way it is helping me! He's feeling positive and we have all of the requisite tests scheduled - all except for the neurologist, but that should be done on Tuesday.

It's been 7 1/2 years since the first attack and at the time there was no definitive diagnosis, just a we are 90% sure it's MS. If he has another attack, we should be able to pin it down - well I hope so, because if it is MS, he'll need some specialized drugs to keep it at bay and hopefully slow it's progression down.

Anyone who knows my wonderful husband knows him to be a kind, giving, dedicated man...he's that and more! I want to thank all of my Facebook friends for their well wishes and prayers, every last one of them is special and appreciated.
I love and bless all of you!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please, Ride like everyone around you is blind....PS - I personally think mother nature is being particularly rotten and I intend to have a severe chat with her...think that'll help any?

Where the heck is spring?

Belt Drive Betty

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