In spite of the challenge ahead of us, both Mark and I are happy to be alive. Yes it's been rough, but it has also shown us how many people care deeply about my husband and have offered their love and support.

It is truly at times like these that you realize who your true friends are!

I am not hanging up my riding gear or boots but the old schedule needs to be revised until we know where this bout of his MS will bottom out at.

If it means I miss an event of two, so be it. He is my priority right now.

I thank my community for stepping up to help me out a bit so that we can keep the news and event information happening.

I do need some additional help - I need some people who want to do sales. You won't get rich but you will earn enough to buy some great bling for the bike or some extra fuel. The other perks are attending events and the riding!

I also need some one in the GP region for office admin. Lori leaves at the end of June and I need some time to train someone...
Strong data base knowledge, strong typing and computer skills are a must.

Today is composing day and I am looking forward to reading all of the submissions as I put the jigsaw puzzle I call a newspaper together!

If you are lucky enough to be riding, PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind.

Belt Drive Betty

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