After much frustration applying for loans and being turned down because they don't accept the kind of collateral I have to offer - (primarily
And applying for grants or trying to incorporate, I have decided to make our BDB Club a full fledged Mutual Benefits Society - non registered.

All of the businesses listed in our on line directory will be being called over the coming weeks and months ahead and if they choose not to work with us, their business information removed from our phone book. It's time to treat what I do more like a business than a non profit, since certain government agencies do not recognize what we do for motorcycling...

We provide huge benefits to our member businesses and the riders of our community - so if your business is listed and you haven't joined our association, we will be contacting you!
Joining is easy - just email me! (

Ride like everyone around you is blind and please show some respect with your throttle hand...

Belt Drive Betty

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