Well, the appointment at the U of A brought us the news. Mark has relapsing, remitting MS and of the 2 categories of this type of MS it is the mildest. Dr Penny Smythe said once she gets the MRI report at the end of the month she will be able to give us a definite but from his history she believes that once he comes out of this attack it could be another 7 - 10 years before another one hits - so while it's not the best news it is far from the worst...MS is a pretty bizarre disease and while she can't say for 100% - the fact she doesn't want to put him on the awful Beta Interferon drugs that cost an arm and a leg is encouraging. His treatment will be Prednisone Steroids.

Layton Park our Backroads Scholar underwent surgery and from what Myrna, his wife says, he is doing much better - Layton's quirky sense of humor is in tact and that's a really good thing. You can follow Layton's progress here:

If all goes reasonably well I will be back on my motorcycle next week and heading to New Norway for the big Soldiers Tribute ride. I look forward to being around my fellow CAV members and the rest of the military boys and girls! It should be a fabulous time.

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We are still running the McCool's Street Bar & Grill Logo contest for 2 more weeks - so get your logo submission in! Our Great Canadian Day Ride's Contest is on going and we need your entries!

I'll sign off for now and want to remind you to PLEASE: Ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and be respectful with tat throttle hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hoping it will all go well.
    Thanks for the update