Our friend and humor columnist Layton Park went down in Ely Nevada.
From what his wife Myrna tells us he's in good spirits but has a collapsed lung, a number of broken ribs and his left arm is not in good shape.

He is in hospital in Reno Nevada and his wife is going to keep everyone up to speed with his condition and progress via his blog:

We have no details on what caused the accident, we only know the old boy is in really rough shape.

Your prayers for his full recovery would be deeply appreciated.

Unfortunately the news feeds today are filled with more fatality and accident reports over on

Please ride safely people - you are, each and everyone of you very important.
Ride like everyone around you is blind and please use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Dave Sievewright8:25 PM

    Hello all~ My name is Dave Sievewright, I am the Canadian National Director for Star Touring & Riding Assoc. Layton was a founding member of our Kelowna Chapter. Here's what I've got. He is in the Renoun Hospital in Reno. He has a broken vertebrae, no spinal cord injury, no head injury, he has multi-broken ribs, collapsed lung, many broken bones in his arm which will require surgery. The arm is only attached by the "skin".Pretty serious stuff. The accident was probably caused by extreme dehydration which resulted in Layton falling asleep while riding.Luckily he has hooked up with another rider who was with him at the time. The accident happened in Ely, Nevada.
    I will keep you all posted as I hear more.