I sure have been enjoying the dialogue with my Face book network from our last couple of days!
I love it when people tell me what's on their minds and in their hearts. Sharing is so vital to keeping our community strong and informed!

So much going on today - where to start!

HawgZotic in Langley is holding their Grande Opening July 25th & 26th and Jason Pohl of OCC Fame will be their special guest! Check out your BDB Club Newsletter for all of the details because if you want to meet this man and go for a BBQ and a ride with him - BDB Club members get to save!

Two Peace River area Riders went down last night, one is in the hospital and one is at home.

210 Kilometers per hour - some dude on a motorcycle was clocked at 210KPH in Saskatoon...Smart like tractor...

If you are a BDB Club member, you got your newsletter today and it has the link to our newly revamped web site. We are asking people to go play around in there, touch and try everything you can - the new site launches next week! If you find something that doesn't appear to be working properly, please let our web mistress know: email her at-
For those of you who haven't yet joined our network or riders sharing information with each other, here is the link:

We are having to move servers because we discovered after hundreds of hours of work and tons of calls to GoDaddy our current host that the reason our web site has been soooo slow is our server.
Moving servers as you will see has our new site loading lightening fast and you can share stuff with Face book & Twitter. We will have our own share url and a whole host of new networking tools! Please give us your feedback! Help us make this thing rock!

Also in the news feeds today- the state of Wisconsin has come up with a unique campaign to help curb drinking and riding.

My question today is: How much alcohol is it OK to consume when you are on your motorcycle? I myself tend to drink coffee, water and pop. Rarely - I may have ONE drink.

What is the right limit for you?

I have attended many rides that seem to promote drinking and riding - I personally think that is plain old stupid. One of my pet peeves about Sturgis is that every gas station, every little hole in the wall has tubs of beer and coolers out in the parking lot. Promoting drinking and riding like that tells me these people care more about the $ than they do motorcyclists lives. But again that is just my two bits worth.

Tell me what your thoughts are on drinking and riding...I would love to hear them!

If you are one of the fortunate and are riding today - ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE - use respect with your throttle hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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