Every day I see the tragic and sad news of riders who are killed and critically injured in motorcycle accidents in the news feeds.

Some accidents are caused by rider error.

Some are caused by rider stupidity like stunting and excessive speed.

Some by inattentive motorists, mostly left hand turn accidents and right of way violations some are cause by wild life and others are caused because either the rider or the motorists were partaking in the wild life.

Yes motorcycle accidents are on the rise.
The reason for this increase is: our community has grown, and the growth has been huge in the last 10 years.
Here in Canada we are pushing the 600,000 rider mark for registered for highway use bikes, up from just over 300,000 only 10 short years ago!

Another reason; There are more automobiles on the road now than there were 10 short years ago.
The more people riding motorcycles, the better the chance some one will have an accident. It’s the law of averages. There are ways to reduce the number of accidents.

Advance rider training is one tool.
Driver education campaigns would be another.
Graduated Licensing might come in to the mix here as well.

I know that we can not legislate the stupid out of people any more than we can drive the testosterone factor out of some. But for those who do want to be better riders, for those who do want to be able to live to be 80 and still be riding….

If “Advanced Rider Training” were more widely available and more affordable, would you take a course?
Have you seen the Ride Like a Pro DVD Series?
If you haven’t, this series just might be something you should consider purchasing.
Educating yourself on the techniques that can help you be the best and safest rider you can be and is one tool in the effort to promote safer riding for all.
(If you check it out and decide to buy, remember if you tell Jerry I sent you, you will save $5.)

Driver awareness – I drive a car and a bike. Until I started riding, I was like so many other motorists – busy in my car doing everything but paying attention to the most important task at hand – driving.
I would like to think that I have become a better, more patient and attentive automobile driver than before.
There are a much larger number of motor vehicles on the road than there are bikes and most of them are in the ignorance stage of driving and by that I mean, they have no clue how dangerous the weapon they are driving really is and so they are busy doing other things besides paying attention to their driving or surroundings.

Until they are affected by an accident, they won’t think about them much. Sad, but that is human nature – we don’t really care about anything until we ourselves are impacted.

Impaired drivers and riders – this is an issue that terrifies me and is amongst the hardest to curb.
Because in most cases you are dealing with an addiction – the potential for repeat offenders is higher and education seems to serve little by way of results until the person gets help to quit drinking or doing drugs.

So....What are your thoughts…
How can we as a community become more proactive?
How can we spread the word “Live to Ride – Ride to Live”?
How can we stay safe out there and what is the right mix of tactics?
Your thoughts, ideas and opinions are very much welcomed by me!

Although the wheels of government move slowly, this act by parliament could see the Hells Angels days numbered in Canada...Do you have an opinion on this topic? I'd be very interested in your thoughts on the Government "having the Hells Angels declared illegal."

If you are amongst the lucky and riding today, please use respect with that throttle hand, stay hydrated and ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you!

Belt Drive Betty

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