In BC, the Supreme Court verdict is in.

The members of the Hells Angels are guilty as charged of their crimes, but they did not commit their crimes on behalf of a Criminal Organization, namely the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club - it is not illegal to belong to the club. Read the news article.

So what are your thoughts on that ruling?

If you are Pro the Charter of Freedoms and Rights you will probably applaud it.
If you think the club is a criminal organization you'll probably be scratching your head.

I am sure of one thing: the RCMP must be pulling out their hair. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money has gone in to trying to prove that the club is a criminal organization.
Thousands upon thousands of man hours by the RCMP have gone in to that fight.

How does this ruling affect the one from Ontario? Or the laws in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta that have banned the wearing of the club patches due to the "Criminal Nature" of the club? I wonder what the next move in this chess game is going to be...
Stay tuned as I am positive the saga will not end here.

In other news the numbers of deaths of riders is appalling.

I believe that the time has come in this country for a few things to happen...

Number one for me is AFFORDABLE Mandatory Rider Training- it has to be introduced in this country. It is long since past time in my humble opinion.

Number two: Graduated licensing for those wishing to purchase sport bikes - just like what is being introduced in Quebec OR Mandatory Road Racing Training. These machines are far too powerful, too responsive, too short in wheel base to be allowed on the street with inexperienced riders in command of them.

If mandatory Road Racing Training came as part of the package - the riders of these machines would be given the skills to handle the power. Out of all of the machines available to ride - these machines are the easiest to have a fatal accident on in my humble opinion - it's simply a matter of physics.

I know that may opinions my not be terribly popular however, I am tired of seeing young people on these machines winding up dead or severely injured. I feel for their families and friends.

I am also very discouraged by the number of accidents I am reading of that involve cagers and left hand turns. Driver Awareness and Rider Awareness campaigns need to increase to my way of thinking.

I also think that Advanced Rider Training needs to become more affordable and more widely offered. The Ride like a Pro V DVD will help those of us that are not in locales where advanced courses are offered and I think that if every rider practiced the techniques offered on the DVD there would be a lot fewer deaths and severe accidents.

Read the main stream media news feeds on
They are filled with accident information...I can only imagine how many of these accidents could be prevented if riders were given extra training, if drivers of automobiles paid more attention and if young riders did not have this idea that they are invincible.

Your thoughts and ideas on preventing accidents - your ideas on my opinions are VERY MUCH welcome. It is through dialogue with members of our own community and those of the non riding community that perhaps we can find some solutions that will help us all.

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, stay hydrated and use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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