Yesterday's blog post appears to have hit a nerve or two with a few people in my Facebook network. (I love picking other people's brains and getting their opinions on things.)

There are those who say leave well enough alone, you can't legislate stupidity out of the equation and there are others who say we need to train people before they get a license.

I find a few things about getting your motorcycle license in this country a tad ridiculous.

I can have a learners permit and ride with a licensed rider - no training required, just pass the written exam and voila, you have a learner's permit, get on your bike and go.
I can ride the test and never take a rider training course.

Am I wrong to think that we should be training people BEFORE we let them loose on the streets? It has happened a time or two- me being wrong- you know. (LOL - Tongue in cheek)

I am of the frame of mind that a vehicle or a motorcycle is a weapon when driven/ridden with undo care and attention. The biggest difference between a vehicle and a motorcycle driven in a careless manner is that the rider tends to come out the looser.

So today my question is this...

Do you support mandatory rider training? If not - why?

I personally feel that life long learning is something everyone should embrace - but again, that's just me.

Have a wonderful day, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you and PLEASE, use respect with that throttle hand and stay hydrated!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Dave Coulter7:39 AM

    From my experience, I prefer real life training, and the lessons of life and riding are better remembered when one has experienced the incident and results