I would appreciate it if you riding club people and event people would make sure we have your events in the 2010 calendars. We know it's early in the year, but folks will be planning their holidays soon and we need your information as soon as you can provide it.

Belt Drive Betty and The Busted Knuckle Chronicles is proud to support the Canadian motorcycle riding community by providing event promotion free of charge.

We have a new event calendar program this year which is easy to use.
            (you don't even have to login)

1. Please take a look to make sure your event has not already been added.

2. To add your event simply click on "Submit Event" which is located on the calendar menu bar directly under the heading Canadian Motorcycle Events.

3.  Add the event as if you were helping a friend who has never been to your community before. Make sure you give the location postal code whenever possible as the calendar will generate a Google Map for the visitor. Make sure we have good contact information and that we know what time the event starts and completes!

4. If you see your event but there are corrections or changes, or, if you are having difficulty adding your event through the calendar program, email your information directly to us.  Please remember to give us as much detail as possible.

Our event calendars cover a variety of categories:

 Customer Appreciation
 Demo Days
 Injured Rider/Special
 Motorcycle Awareness
 Motorcycle Shows
 Motorcycle Sports
 Rallies & Rodeos
 Riding Club Meetings
 Runs - Poker & Other
 Show 'n' Shines
 Swap Meets
 Toy Runs

Unlike Let's Ride and Monster - we actively work our calendars and do everything we can to make sure our information is up to date and accurate - so please - help us out a bit - you just never know when someone is going to move to your town or ride through on a holiday and want to hook up with someone of like mind. Having your information readily available will help them find you easier and faster!

COME ON PEOPLE - the Christmas holidays are over and bosses are going to want people to book their summer holidays by March 31st - You Snooze you LOOSE and so does your club and or charity!

In the News Today:
Duncan, BC resident Don Hatton had some more bad luck at the Dakar Rally...
Other than that, so far a quiet news day.

If you are fortunate to be riding, you obviously either live where there is no or minimal snow or you have chains on!  Please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

For the rest of us there's the Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine with somewhere around $4,500 in prizes to give away in 14 categories! The People's Choice award is worth approx $1045!  Make sure you visit the Sponsors Gallery (The link is right next to the Album List Link)  I am not quite done adding all of the prizes, but all of the sponsors are in there and 60% of the prizes!

Until later...
Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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