Yesterday was a good day at the Calgary Motorcycle Show.

Ali posted a Hug Meter on our web site over at I am trying to fill it and will be doing the same thing in Edmonton and Red Deer - why? Well, I love hugs, and I work alone in my office and spend 95% of my time alone. When I am at these shows I love to see as many friends as possible so that I don't feel so isolated - hugs and wonderful words shared between friends are something you can draw on when you feel blue, far my hug meter is at 125, come on Calgary - I KNOW there are more of you that I need a hug from...

There are some outstanding looking machines on display - Royal Enfield and Indian are both at the show along with the usual big brands but what surprised me were the businesses that weren't present - THUG Motorcycles/Precision Frame was not present - a Calgary based Custom Manufacturer and they were no where to be seen....The show is smaller this year - the economy has definately affected it, however it is still a fabulous event and worth the attendance just be sure that if you do come down you either take the C train or you pack the vehicle full-full-full because the Stampede Park is charging an ARM and A LEG for parking.

I hope and pray that Laurie and the team find a new venue for the show because the prices are getting outrageous at the Stampede Park and some of their staff are SOOOOO rude, many are friendly but some.... As a matter of fact I think I am going to make that suggestion to Laurie and her team that they move the show if possible...there aren't however too many places around that can hold or accomodate the needs of a show that size so perhaps it is because they (the Stampede Park) feel they have a monopoly they feel they can gouge.

In the news: 
Polaris has a new Electric Quad out.

Our girl Flo and her Conga III for Breast Cancer hit the news even though Facebook and MSNBC Don't know it! It's really quite funny how asking us girls the color of the bras we wear could spark so much interest in a cause but it has and it is wonderful! If you are on Facbook, Flo has started another little campaign aimed at bending the warped minds of men with as much confusion as possible - much to the delight of all of us gals!

Troy Lee is producing so Steve McQueen Tribute helmets...

BMW and Triumph are both boasting record sales in Canada.

If you are lucky and blessed to live where you can ride, PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. For the rest of you/me included we'll have to make due with the motorcycle shows and the Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine...get in on the action - I live seeing what my friends ride!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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