I love the January motorcycle shows, getting to see a lot of old friends, make new ones and conducting business and I hate the January motorcycle shows. It's an asinine time of year to be driving in Alberta. I miss my husband when I am away, I miss sleeping in my own bed. The expense, the challenges of dealing with shipping companies... Year end and a whole host of jobs have to be accomplished before one leaves and with the holidays it's a sucky time of year to be doing any real work because the rest of the world just isn't into it.

Yes, like most things in life there is an up side and a down side to everything.
The motorcycle shows are no different. The major thing for me that makes being on the road OK and almost wonderful is that I rarely stay in hotels. I stay with friends whenever possible. Not just to save the expenses but to be able to get some one on one time that I'd never get otherwise. Two more sleeps and I head for Calgary and my good friend Perky's place. 

Not much in the newsfeeds this morning so I want to discuss our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine and all of the cool little tools our wonderful web mistress Ali has added to our gallery. We have a special forum just to discuss the bikes - it lives in the gallery, the link is right beside the home link in the gallery. If you need help loading pictures etc it's the place to go. It even has it's own internal private messaging service so if you are having issues you can PM me, if you like a bike and want to talk to it's owner, you can private message her/him. You can send your favorite bike to someone as an Ecard, make that bike into your Avatar..yes, Ali has outdone herself - again!

We have 90 people registered so far and just shy of 300 pictures (and it's only the beginning of day 4!) lots of eye candy to make the PMS either rev up or calm down depending on the person...

Our sponsors - we need to talk about them. We have created a gallery that tells you about the sponsors prize/s...I would deeply appreciate it if you visit the gallery called "Sponsors Gallery" It's the link right beside the Album List.

Why do I want you to visit that gallery - well, if you were a sponsor putting up some prizes, why would you do that? Because you are a nice person or because you are hoping to get some exposure and an opportunity to earn new customers?

Our sponsors make EVERYTHING we do possible, so while I and Ali appreciate the cudos for the work we do, we'd appreciate you helping us keep our sponsors and keep them happy and working with us by giving them what they need - a visit to their gallery, their web sites or their brick and mortar locations.

Please support those who support us, because in the end run they are supporting you!

If you are fortunate and blessed to live where you can ride, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. If, like me, you live where it's snowing, cold and YUCKY, join our show 'n' shine, it's free and much better viewing that what's outside...

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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