Willie Nelson's song won't leave my brain for some reason and even though it's very appropriate after hearing the tune roll around in the empty cavern of my brain for a day and now a morning well - it's getting old...

The drive to Blackfalds - about 6-7 hours from Grande Prairie took longer than anticipated as it was a balmy -33 before the wind chill, the wind was HOWLING and it was icy. Once I hit Little Smoky on the other side of Valleyview it warmed up to -14.

I had a great trip after that, stopped in to see some of our BDB partners on the way - if you get a chance you HAVE to stop in to Slumdog Bar and Grill in Bentley - and if you like Pizza - this would one of those places to try one - I had a Mexican Pizza - was it ever good. Not too spicy - a great balance of flavours...nice place too.

Anyhow, I am safe and sound in Blackfalds, getting my news and blog done for the morning, heading in to Olds and then in to the BMO centre at Stampede Park to get set up. I am looking SOOOO Forward to it!

In the news today: our very own Amanda Lynn from Fytness Fanatik announced that it is official, she's getting hitched! Congrats girl.

One lone Motorcycling Canadian is left standing in the Dakar Rally.

Harley is taking aim at riders of other brands and trying to lure them to the dark side with a $500 incentive. Also - they really want you to stop in at their booths and if you present the down loadable coupon from Free Canadian Stuff - they'll give you a free set of valve stem covers

The 4 ton statue that went missing at the HD Dealer down in the states was actually taken back by the artist...

And buddy who said he was sleep driving when he killed a rider and seriously injured another one was found guilty - appears the judge didn't buy his defense.

And, that's what's fit to print today - remember, we comb the news of the motorcycle community so you don't have to!

If you are a lucky dawg who lives in a climate where you can ride - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you! For the rest of you, here's one way to shake off the PMS - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome - Visit our On Line Show n Shine (enter your bike for a chance at over $4,000 in prizes from coast to coast) & all you Albertans...PLEASE come give me a hug at the Calgary Motorcycle Show...

Belt Drive Betty
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