There are some mornings that I sift through the news from the mutlitude of sources that are out there and go wow, not much happening and what is, is boring. Then there are mornings like this one where the news is interesting and thought provoking.

Kingsway Financial is being investigated....

Gilby Clarke - the former bassist for Guns n Roses was injured in a motorcycle crash...
OCC has managed to stay in the spotlight with their new hybrid motorcycle, it appears that Paul Sr has partnered with Lawless Industries on this project.
Here in Alberta The Second Gear Club is having to postpone their race at Chestermere due to the warm weather.
In Ontario they are gearing up for the Toronto Super Show - Wished that I was going but alas...anyway the 31st annual MAX Awards are bing handed out - see who is getting an award...

So what is thought provoking in the news today?
For me it is the rapid advancements that are taking place with motorcycles and hybrid, bio diesel and electrics.

Two years ago these ideas were in the distant future - today they are becoming reality and that distant future is upon us!I would love to hear your thoughts on the advancements that are being made...even if it is Paul Sr that appears to be pushing a lot of stuff forward...

I am on the road today heading toward Edmonton. I will be dropping off our community directory to a number of our business partners along the way and ending up in Leduc at my girlfriend Sandra's place.

Tomorrow will be set up for the Edmonton Motorcycle Show.  Not sure how Edmontonians are going to stack up against |Calgarians in the hugs department but I am eager to find out.

Come visit our Beat The PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine - we have so many incredible prizes up for grabs. If your bike isn't entered -I have one question fo you and one only- WHY? It's free, it's easily done and if you do face challenges Ali and I can helo you so what are you waiting for????

If you are riding today good for you, but PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.
If not, our show 'n' shine may help assauge that PMS...

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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