As eloquent as I can be at writing - as effective as I can be at getting the message out no matter what that message may be, there are times I wished that I could re visit things or have a proof reader to ensure the message I think I am conveying has a better chance of being taken in the right context.

The written word is so powerful but it is so easy to misunderstand too. There is no inflection in one's voice, you can't see the tears, smiles, teasing looks. Words are so very powerful and every now and then we need to be humbled I guess in order that we truly think as we write. I blog daily - or pretty darn close to it and sometimes it will take me 2 and three hours to write those articles as I read and re read what I have put to paper.

My article yesterday was one of those wherein yes I reread it, but not from the many perspectives of those I wish to talk to and engage, the way I normally write.

When I said I resent our government spending millions and billions of our tax payers dollars on helping out in other countries - I did not express my personal feelings terribly well, after all I knew what I meant...
I know - take the blinders off Betty....

My facebook group that reads these editorials gave me a variety and depth of feedback that I was only semi prepared for.

When I said that charity begins at home, I meant that. We need to work towards solutions for our homeless, our hungry, our inuit and native populations and the disgrace of the system we designed for them and when I say we I mean my ancestors, the white guys with the tunnel vision view of the world from way back when.

The announcement yesterday that the Canadian Government is sending matching financial contributions to that of the major charities up to $50 million dollars - that is what upset me and got me off on that tangent and here's why...

When money goes to charitable organizations - too often, only 5 cents maybe 10 cents and up to 25 cents of what is donated actually gets to the people it was intended for. The rest is eaten up in administration, marketing and wages. All necessary expenses - but is that where our taxpayers dollars should go? I feel not.

When we as a country send things like D.A.R.T., helicopters, dog teams, medical supplies etc, we as a country have control of how and where the resources are used. They don't get spent on advertising and wages as important as those may be and they don't get misappropriated (spent on bribes etc) as often as cash can.

We have all heard of the horror stories of governmental and bandit raiding of supplies, we have all heard of kickbacks and bribes having to be paid. I think sending resources that are tangible and visible and often protected or run by a Canadian soldier just makes the most sense. If we are spending an additional 50 million - then let that be in wages to our men and women and for supplies from the ground here - the money at least ends up benefiting our economy and the help we give those who are devestated is true, real, concrete help!

I believe, with all my heart that if an indiviual wants to donate cash like I have - that's great - the charities need money to pay wages etc, I get that, but our governmental money should be spent on the resources where the impact will actually be felt - immediately.

Sending massive amounts of cash that will probably never make any significant impact...that does no one any good in my humble opinion. Send men, women, tools, equipment, water, medical supplies - just not cash if you are my government. I donate my time, my money and my resources to many, many charitable causes. I know we have to care and that we should pay our good fortune forward.

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