It appears that the Hells Angels may have actually served a purpose that perhaps the police services over looked.  One of crime prevention - now that the Angels have been curtailed so to speak, Asian and other non "organized" gangs are moving in and dealing death, destruction etc...

"One organized crime expert says that the seizure of Nanaimo's Hells Angels clubhouse in 2007 has disrupted the bikers' criminal activities in the area and provided new groups with an opportunity to muscle in on the local drug trade. The RCMP won't reveal intelligence they've gathered about the changing dynamic of gangs in the city, but say that the ranks of the notorious motorcycle club haven't diminished." Dustin Walker, The Daily News

No matter how much people may want to help out those in Haiti - here's some advice you need to follow...
Personally I have my opinions on what the government of our country should and should not be doing with our money. I feel that until our homeless, our hungry are cared for here, our government should not be helping anywhere - the individual citizen should if they are so moved but our government - Not.

I would LOVE your opinions on this subject...How the government spends tax payers money...

I have a ton to do today so I am going to sign off.
If you are riding today - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.
If you aren't riding, come day dream with the rest of us by looking at all of the wonderful bikes in the Beat the PMS Blues show 'n' shine

Belt Drive Betty
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