The Internet needs a garbage man. I can not believe the people who start web site after web site and abandon them.

Cyber garbage is becoming a HUGE problem. In the research for motorcycle riding clubs - just in our Canadian Community alone - the amount of web sites that are dead - have not been updated in two or more years is staggering. If you are closing down a group - why would you not close down your web site?

Businesses - same thing. AME Motorcycle Magazine here in Alberta has not operated in years, neither has Northern Rider & Harley-Davidson Man - although it is rumored that JD Boyd is going to try and resurrect the magazine (In my humble opinion - as much as I think JD is one of the most colorful characters the Canadian Riding Community has - he hurts people like me who try to be consistent and diligent with the delivery of their publication as he takes advertisers money then disappears for a year or two at a time).

I am not sure whether people forget they have a web site or a forum or what the deal is but it is one of the most frustrating things in the world when you are trying to find solid information on things.

A lot of the other Cyber Garbage is caused by people who think they need a web site for everything they do instead of just adding a page in their existing site or blog for their new adventure or venture and buying a domain name to direct people to that new page.

This disposable society of ours just abandons things they create and leave the mess for others to wade through and that's a dilemma not just here on the internet but everywhere.

I wonder - does anyone know if the internet has a garbage can or a garbage man? If not HOW could we set one up???? I have done some searching but have found nothing that would enable a person to assist in the clean up of the internet...One day - soon I hope.

In the news today:

It appears that there is a rather nasty fight going on in BC. over the POPKUM MOTORCYCLE RANCH (PMR).

Johnny Pag Motorcycles is coming out with a liquid cooled V-Twin bike for 2010.

In Ontario a former motorcycle racer is being sentenced next week in a really bizarre incident.

In New Brunswick a driver who is being tried for killing a motorcyclist while reportedly making an illegal U turn has pleaded not guilty.

There's lots in sports today too so if you have a few minutes and motorcycle sports is your bag, check it out on the What's Hot Page...

Now that we appear to have ironed out the little kinks in the voting for our Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine, things seem to be perking right along. I am so curious as to who will win in the 16 categories we are handing prizes out in.

March 5th the winners will be announced...get your votes in! You can vote in all 16 categories for the bikes of your choice - ONCE EVERY 24 HRS.

Our Hotel and Motel Survey and our Campground Survey need your input - if you haven't taken one...why not? They are each 10 short questions  that will help us to improve customer service for motorcyclists!

Our Best and Worst Customer Service Contest kind of got left behind a bit - I want to hear your worst customer service experience and or your BEST customer service story. We are giving away a BDB shirt. You can join our Face Book Group: Biker/Rider Friendly Businesses in Canada to help us out and maybe win a Tee Shirt!

If you are amongst the lucky and can ride that motorcycle of yours today PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

Have a FABULOUS day and I will talk to you all on Monday.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada

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  1. I don't own a website yet but do really feel that the cyber garbage is really a very big question mark in front of us.