Well folks, it appears that good old Belt Drive Betty and a band of roving gypsies will be heading to Digby Nova Scotia and the Wharf Rat Rally. There are a ton of details yet to be worked out - the riding schedule, the stops, the press conferences and small side shows but holy cow gang - this is going to be HUGE! Go Travel Canada dot Com is the major sponsor of Belt Drive Betty's Wharf Rat Rally Awareness Conga.

The ride will start out with Mike Cole from the winter ride for Diabetes joining me and hubby in Grande Prairie, from there the itinerary is basically, to Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon and Regina. Into Winnipeg to hook up with Daryl Makk and the Planet Tour. From there the schedule needs to be worked out, which dealerships, what towns and cities and what days...I know that Shaun de Jager from Road Awareness dot ca will be joining us if not for the rest of the trip - for a leg of it at least. Somewhere during this ride we will be crossing paths with the National Ride for Dad and hope to hook up with them for a bit. Plan on doing Petawawa and a Red Friday's event.

We'd love to have as many riders join us along the way be it for an hour, a day or the whole trip. Our sponsor is offering up terrific room rates and the awareness we intend to create for our causes will hopefully be as stellar as we envision.

Mike of course will be promoting Diabetes Awareness, and Daryl Makk will be promoting his Planet Tour and the cause of injured riders (A.I.M. Can) and I will be promoting the cause of injured riders (A.I.M. Can) and riding in northern Alberta - Shaun de Jager will be promoting the cause of driver/rider awareness and injured riders (A.I.M.Can).  Any funds raised by the ride will be supporting "Give the Kids the World" - sending terminally ill children to the Kid's Village in Orlando Florida to go to Disney World.

I will have a whole ton more that I can tell you next week but folks - this is a really big deal for this girl. When we get in to Digby to celebrate being a rider in Canada it will be at Canada's largest motorcycle rally - the Wharft Rat Rally - 6 days 23,000+ bikes and all kinds of fabulous guests and entertainment. I hope some of you will consider joining us along the way or for the whole soon as I can share more, I will.

In the news today: Our server is having maintenance done and will not be able to send the Busted Knuckle Chronicles out until a bit later today - first time I think we have ever been late with the paper...

If you have a spare $100K dollars you can join the Edelweiss Tours Around the World in 248 days and experience the extremes that our planet have to offer...(30 countries on five continents, taking riders from modern cities to remote villages, across five-lane interstates and narrow dirt tracks, from arid deserts to tropical rain forests, in some of the world’s richest and poorest countries.)

A former Hell's Angel who ratted out the club and helped police arrest 150 members got 3 million dollars for his efforts. Not only that but he won't face jail time for any of his misdeeds like murder...

You fortunate human beings who are riding your motorcycle today - can you perhaps coax mother nature into listening to the ground hog and bring us here in the frozen north an early spring - please....
Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

For everyone else, you can join us and spend some time voting on bikes and day dreaming like I do...the Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine is now in the voting stage - 30 days to see which bike wins in each category!

Have a marvellous day - I plan to.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada

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  1. This is certainly huge and all of it promoting worthy causes and good will
    Congratulations on this milestone