I am so frustrated I could spit nails and build a house in no time flat.
I get criticized for being too honest and sometimes too negative - well this is one of those honesty/negative times folks so if you don't want to hear it - I suggest you close your browser now and go elsewhere this morning cause I am laying it out with both barrels. If I don't, I feel like I will explode and since all I ever do these days is work - I have no social life outside of my work - my support network is you guys - so, you guys get to hear my sad, pathetic little tale of woe...

I am a person of my word. If I say I am going to do something. I do it.
If I can't, I tell you I can't. It is one of the things I was taught as one of the fundamentals of the "Biker" way.

So, why can't others offer the same consideration? I get it that things change for people, lives get busy and crap happens - but is there any reason that you can't have the decency, the courtesy to drop a line and say so? When you step up or commit to doing a job, why can't you either do it or at least be considerate enough to say you can't???

I guess I must expect too much from others.

I want our events calendars to be different from those of Motorcycle Monster and Let's Ride where they just put them out there and you can submit to them if you want to and if there are no events listed in a state or province - who cares, the people who own the sites don't seem to. (Or maybe they are just going with human nature instead of fighting it the way I always seem to)

I want our motorcycle event calendars to be filled with accurate information, I want them to be a valuable tool for our community.  I care that what we do here at Belt Drive Betty adds some value to this community because I am a part of this community. The people who have said they would help and haven't don't realize that they are not just hurting me and my reputation but that they are actually hurting the whole community.

Compliments and thanks are always nice and appreciated - but right now, since some of the people I have been relying on to help haven't - what I need is HELP from the event/ride/run coordinators both for profit and non profit.

For the most part event/ride/run coordinators never think to up date their stuff - they'll add it once and forget it. (Or they want me/us to do it for them - People - please, there are over 900 of you and one of me.) In most cases the people we deal with are volunteers and are usually over worked or they leave a group or step down from a position and don't tell the new person what they have done or where.

So if we want good event calendars it means going to every web site, every event coordinator old or new and asking if they want their stuff posted/updated. I can not afford to pay people to do that job and since I am so busy with the myriad of other things that I have had to take on to pay the bills and keep the lights on - if your riding club, if your group wants the publicity, if your event wants the publicity - then people - I need you to step up and help. Adding events to our new calendars is easy and Ali has some pointers she shares with you that if you follow them, it's really easy!

If you know of an event, PLEASE add it to the calendars. Help all of us to have a good riding season, help your community - your charity or your riding club to grow and flourish - SHARE THE INFORMATION - take two minutes and add that event - PLEASE!

How do you - in your riding club, business or life in general deal with inconsideration and those who commit to doing something and then don't - what do you do to prevent the frustration from driving you insane?  I am always looking for suggestions, ideas and better ways of coping.... your feedback and assistance is ALWAYS appreciated.

In the news today:

BMW is gaining ground in motorcycle sales, a 54% increase in January here in Canada.

A man points out that the protests at the Surrey Courthouse over the treatment of Cpl Monty Robinson is about JUSTICE and not motorcycles.

Another reader from the Province points out the obvious to a former RCMP officer...

Thane Silliker reminds us that the London Motorcycle Expo is coming soon and your help is sought in the disappearance of a young gal from Ontario.

If you are a lucky bugger and are riding today - ride that motorcycle like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. Oh and if you have a few moments - drop in to our on line show 'n' shine and vote for your favourite machine in each category. The picture with the most votes in each category will win!

Have a great day...
Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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